Fashion is not the first association with Dubai, even though the malls over there are gigantic. Partly because the locals follow a rather strict dress code. Well, this may be true but it doesn’t necessarily mean that design doesn’t have a place in Dubai. It most certainly does, the fashion industry of Dubai is very well developed and deserves attention. If you are an aspiring designer who is looking for a job abroad then you should consider Dubai. Why? Well, I am happy and ready to tell you about fashion designing career opportunities in Dubai.

Dubai has a demand for good fashion designers

When you are looking for a job abroad, you need to pay attention to the market of that particular country or city, to be specific. If the market doesn’t have demand then it doesn’t make any sense to waste your time and effort. In case of Dubai, you can be sure that the market is in need of good designers.

Dubai is trying to become a fashion capital, endless fashion weeks, festivals and fairs serve proofs. And how can it reach its goal, if not with more and more talented fashion designers? I, personally, can’t think of another way. Dubai is a magnet of talents, if it pulls a good one then it will keep them. Dubai will open a lot of doors for your career as a fashion designer. If you take a job in Dubai, you will lack neither network nor inspiration.

Dubai knows how to pay specialists

They say, there is nothing more satisfying than to make a living by doing something that you love. As much as we care about our professions and take jobs based on our interests and values, salary plays a big role too. Dubai truly knows how to reward people, who do their job well. If you are a good fashion designer and manage to get hired in Dubai then you can expect your salary to range between AED 114,000 and AED 281,872, in USD it’s $31,043 and $76,105 respectively.


I can’t think of a single reason or drawback that can keep you away from working in Dubai as a fashion designer. With a little hard work, in a very short time, you will join the list of successful Dubai-based fashion designers. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the stories of world-class designers in Dubai, they all started somewhere else then moved to Dubai and became famous.