A recruitment partner can help enormously with your staffing needs. But, as an HR manager or personnel, you need to do your part to ensure that recruitment and selection process goes as smoothly as possible.

Before setting a meeting with a staffing company, here are the things you need to prepare.

  1. Number of candidates that you need

First and foremost, you need first to know what positions are vacant and the number of people you need for each position. This would give you an idea on the number of candidates (not definite hires) you need for each post. This would also give your recruitment partner an idea on the number of applicants they need to source for the position. Ideally, it should be at least 3 qualified candidates for each position for your team to choose from.


  1. Skills requirement for each position

This is one of the important details that you need to know and fulfill as this would serve as your guide on looking for candidates. This would also be used by your recruitment firm when they interviewed and screened potential candidates before they will be sent to you for another screening.  So be sure to be as detailed as possible. Include the technical skills needed (educational attainment, knowledge in certain aspects, experience on specific tools, etc.) and the work attitude needed as well. Have the managers review the skills requirements if it is correct or they needed to add something.


  1. Job description for each position

Apart from the skills requirement, you also need to specify the job description. This is for the potential candidates to know what the job entails. If this is not provided, hordes of unqualified candidates will probably apply for the job without them knowing what they will be getting into. This can be a waste of time and resources, especially you need to entertain each candidate. To avoid this, create a detailed job description and have the managers check it before sending them to your UAE staffing and recruitment partner.


  1. Salary range and benefits included

Aside from the skills requirement and job description, candidates are also looking for the compensation package to see if this is the job they are looking in terms of salary. Some companies are quite hesitant to give this kind of information. If the management is not comfortable giving the exact salary, go for a salary range.


  1. Timeline of recruitment for each vacancy

A timeline is needed and very important since this will serve as a guide for your team and the recruitment agency. The timeline should include what vacancy should be filled first up to the least priority and the timetable from exam, interview to job offer for each.

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