Home and commercial electrical systems are susceptible to wear and tear. But more often than not, homeowners and building admins pay less attention to these problems unless it blows up and causes more damage to your property.

This is why you need to heed the warning signs and be sure to update your system once you noticed two or more of these electrical system red flags:

  1. Hot to touch switches

Most of the time, most homeowners do not have any problems with their light switches. They look normal and on top condition. But once you noticed that it is too hot to touch or there has been an increased in its temp, it would be best to check it out. This sign can indicate that there an overload in the system. When the power flows through the switch, it will leave traces of heat. In normal circumstances, it will feel normal too touch. But if there is an overload going on, the switch is receiving more heat than usual.

  1. Broken outlets

Electrical outlets are susceptible to elements like dust and dirt. When the dirt accumulate on the outlet, it can start a small fire that will leave traces of soot and char. If you noticed small burns on your outlets, it would be best to replace them immediately. If this problem is not addressed, it can lead to more serious accidents like short circuit and house fires.

  1. Frequent circuit breaker trips

Your circuit breaker is an electrical gear that protects your electrical system from overloading. Once it sense that there is an overloading in the system. Occasional trips are okay. But the frequent occurrence indicates faulty wiring and panel issues. Be sure to check your wiring for something amiss.

  1. Flickering lights

Flickering and dimming of lights can be a sign for many things, one of them is damaged electrical equipment. Keep tabs on the frequency of flickers and the range of the problem. If it is happening throughout the neighborhood, the problem must be with the engineering of the system.

  1. Sudden surge of your electric bill

When your electric bill rocketed to unbelievable amount, believe that there is a lurking problem that you need to check. Be sure to check the engineering and how the system is laid out.

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