Having a water cooler or water dispenser at home and offices makes you comfortable and also enables you to avail all the health benefits at affordable prices. Therefore, people also search for water cooler dealers in Dubai to help them with their clean drinking water needs.

It’s essential that you consider the safety and cleanliness of your water cooler too so you can save your money on maintenance and repair costs for a longer period while having your peace of mind.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 steps to clean your water cooler to provide you some cleaning tips so you can take care of them easily.

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  1. Storage

Before choosing a good water cooler, it’s essential that you consider the storage of the cooler so you can clean them easily. Usually, a water cooler comes clean without any bacteria and other harmful germs but with time they are exposed to different environments and can become dangerous for children and families.

  1. Use a soft cloth

To clean the outer surface of your water cooler, it’s essential that you use a soft clean cloth so you can clear off the dust and mold from certain visible parts to maintain a healthy environment.

  1. Re-filling the bottle

It’s also important that you don’t refill the same water bottle and if you’re doing it so then make sure that you don’t do it repeatedly as it can result in the growth of harmful bacteria and can also raise different health concerns.

  1. Cleaning Procedure

This is the most necessary part as it requires you to unplug the unit and wear a cleaning coat and gloves to clean your cooler. Remove the water bottle and use a good brush to clean the inner areas with your cleaning agent.

  1. Use Water

Use water to rinse the cleaning agent and drain all of it through the spigots. Make sure to wipe the bottle before putting it on top of the cooler again. It’s best to use an anti-bacterial soap to clean certain parts of the water-cooler like fixtures and drip tray.

  1. Cleaning Products

Make sure to use a good cleaning product that is chemical-free. You can also use the mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the bad odor that can cause due to bacteria and contaminated water.