Chinese is one of the most popular and enjoyed cuisines all around the world and we all know that when something is famous, people try to replicate it in their own ways and infuse their cultural and traditional flavours to it. Something similar seems to be happening here which gives rise to many myths and misconceptions about Chinese food.

  • Broccoli is a Chinese vegetable

While it is true that China has a reputation for growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables, it does not stand true for broccoli. In states this vegetable is known to find its way in almost every dish and even have the achievement of dishes being named after it, this is not the case with Chinese food delivery Dubai. Broccoli is a winter season crop which does not even grow in Asia.

  • Soy sauce is the staple Chinese ingredient

Whenever you order Chinese food delivery Abu Dhabi, you may be presented with a pack of soy sauce along with vinegar because most of these restaurants believe that if you put just enough sauce in the foods, it will make up for the Chinese taste. This isn’t true because there are quite a few dishes which are made without soy sauce in them.

  • Stir fry is the only recipe to be made

Yes it is true that stir fry is a part of Chinese food but the bigger picture is something else. There are more than a dozen different ways to cook one single dish and you should definitely try out the street food if you ever get the chance to do so because there are many different delicacies to be enjoyed which isn’t for once a part of stir fry recipe.

  • There are many different variations to noodles

As mentioned earlier, when the different food cuisines are blended with different cultural and traditional flavours, a new infusion is created. So if you see many different varieties of noodles in the menu, just know that it’s the infusion because the original Chinese menu wouldn’t have these much options but a few staple ones.

If these facts weren’t surprising enough, let us tell you that the Chinese takeout boxes which are usually found in restaurants aren’t the traditional ones because back in the region they still use plain old plastic bags and rubber bands.