Photo booths are known as party package inclusion on different occasions, from weddings to gatherings. However, its purpose can go beyond personal use as it can now be utilized for business to help entrepreneurs to market their products and promote their brands. In fact, a lot of business owners are now taking full advantage of photo booth to aid their marketing strategies. Dubai photo booth manufacturers are constantly getting inquiries from several businesses who are taking trying this new strategy to make their business known.

And if you are working on these industries, you might as well try on incorporating a photo booth into your business strategy:


  1. Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a very visual one. Designers and retailers are always trying to showcase their work and products through fashion shows and magazines. We also see these amazing apparels on window displays. But for their target audience to appreciate their apparels, some fashion gurus device a way to help their shop and other retailers to help pick clothes and see how it looked like on them before trying them on or buying them first – through photo booths. It can also be a promotional strategy as customers can share their experience through social media.


  1. Tourism Industry

There is no other way to promote tourism through photos. Tourist and travelers always love to take photos of destinations and attraction they visited so they can share them with their loved ones and the world. Some tourism establishment got the idea and decided that they can also give a unique giveaway items – a photo from their establishment developed through photo booths. And the photos are sharable so they can download, save, and share these photos whenever they like to.


  1. Advertising and Marketing Companies

Photo booths have helped several marketing companies on promoting their clients’ brands and products. Aside from using it for giveaways on events and exhibits, they also have been using photo booths as promotional tools to engage target audience. Some use photo booths and place them on strategic places for brand recognition and recall and some use it to make the audience experience their offering in an augmented reality setting.


  1. Music Scene

The music is not only for the ears. Today, visuals have been used to connect music and emotions – from album covers to concert music posters and music videos. Nowadays, it is more interactive and engaging to the audience. Some music moguls and concert organizers are putting video booth for the audience to appreciate the music even better. This could be in form of video booth integrated with sing-along features which a lot of concert-goers would like to experience.


  1. Food Industry

Food retailers and shops, like Jamba Juice, has been using photo booths to boost customer engagement and market sales. It serves them several purpose like free promotion from customers and also for their database and analytics as they can now store the data of their loyal customers and update them on their latest offering.


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