Looking to install the top performing lifts at your premises? How about choosing one of the best elevator brands in the world? That’s right, customers using Orona lifts have only good things to say about it. It makes sense to go for something that you’ll not regret having. From top notch service to excellent performance, Orona elevators are among the best in the world. Here are some peculiar benefits of purchasing orona lifts for your workplace:


You’ll find a wide variety of Orona lift solutions in the market. From public series to 3G domo series, all solutions are designed to provide the best in class lift solution. These lifts, depending upon the use, are designed to fit into any type of environment.


The lift solution offers a range of aesthetic options for customers. These include residential and commercial lifts both offering premium design and a roomy interior. A peculiar benefit is that you can have a customized lift that will match the background of your premises. Custom aesthetic design makes the lift an integral part of your premise’s environment.


If you believe in having a modern lift solution, you need one of Orona’s lift solutions. Having a custom lift solution means you can have it modernized when you want. The process will include the replacement of some key elements such as doors, lift interior, motor and pulley among others. Modernizing your lift is a great way to enhance its looks, performance and lift expectancy. Naturally, a modernized lift will serve you well for many years to come.

Third Party Components

Yet another benefit of choosing an Orona lift is that you can also opt for third party components in your lift’s modernization. Choose the components you like and the maintenance team will install them into your lift. Keep in mind that different lift models are compatible with selected components. It is better to consult your lift maintenance team for more information.

Enhanced Features

Orona lifts offer some of the most cutting-edge lift enhancement technologies in the world. These improvements have resulted into a world class elevator that meets all modern quality and safety requirements.

Your Orona lift will provide you the top of the line features and a long life. For more information, visit http://delmon.ae and explore different lift solutions.