Back in the days, getting braces was nothing short of a social stigma. This is because people were made fun of for wearing braces. This even made it hard for people with braces to get a picture of themselves taken. However, with the passage of time, medical science has progressed and with new colors, styles and so much more, getting braces has become a new fashion. Now, even adults do not hesitate to get braces because of various options available, thanks to the orthodontic technological breakthroughs, such as clear braces aligners.

There are certain things that you must know in case you are planning on getting dental braces in Abu Dhabi. These include:

There’s more to it than just your smile
While the dentists work on your braces to straighten teeth to ensure that you look your best when you smile, there is a lot more to it than that. Braces also help to correct jaw and bite alignment issues and play an important role in improving oral health.

A bit of dental work needs to be done
Before getting your braces applied, it is necessary for you to visit a dental clinic in Abu Dhabi for a quick teeth cleaning session. This is required to get rid of any debris and other dental work including wisdom teeth removal, so that they do not interfere with your braces later on.

You will need to adjust your diet
Upon getting braces, it will be necessary for you to let go of certain kind of food items as their consumption can easily trigger certain problems for you later on. As such, you will have to avoid sticky or gummy foods, like jellies, caramels, taffy, jerky etc. Apart from that, hard foods that need to be bit onto, such as corn on the cob, apples (you will have to cut the apple before eating it instead of biting directly onto it) need to be avoided.

Brushing your teeth regularly is important
Brushing your teeth with braces on can be quite a daunting task. However, once they are applied, it is necessary for you to brush your teeth on a daily basis, irrespective of how difficult it is.  This is necessary so as to ensure that your teeth remain healthy over time. So, for your quick, on-the-go oral hygiene maintenance, get a travel pack with a small tooth paste, toothbrush and toothpick (gum-safe) in it. This is necessary to get rid of food that can get stuck between the braces wires, hence causing bad breath.