The shabby chic look is extremely popular right now and many people wish to add the look to their home with any number of shabby chic home accessories.

What is it?

Shabby chic has become a mark of elegance in many cases. The accessories and furniture that is a part of this represents the early 20th century. By decorating your home like a cottage, complete with paintings, vintage accessories, and handmade wooden furniture, you will have a look that feels comfortable and elegant at the same time.

How can I achieve this look?

The first step of moving towards the shabby chic look for your home interior design in Dubai is to add accessories that consist mainly of pastel colours. Yellow, green, white, and grey are the most commonly used colours. White is by far the most common, though, and it will give the classic look to all of the other colours that you use in the decorations.

The actual furniture itself should be the primary focus, though. Metal beds are common, as are other unfinished look furniture. Tables and dressers that have an unfinished look will seem to have a classic look and actually be far sturdier than a lot of modern furniture. Wooden chairs are a staple of the style as well and should be comfortable, but still convey the classic look.

Focusing on accessories

The primary focus of your redecoration, though, should still be the accessories that you choose to include in your home. Many professionals, in fact, highly recommend taking this route over the furniture focused one. In that way you are going to avoid having a kitschy effect that should be avoided at all costs. The primary way to upgrade your style is going to be to buy new paintings and pictures that represent the era. Painted shelves, rather than boring modern ones, will also give a great look to your books, which also always have a classic look.

In addition, you can find many other accessories at the same stores. A bird cage is another great addition, although it can be weird since you probably don’t actually have a bird. Wall clocks, candles, and anything else that represents that era are excellent choices.

The fabrics that are used on these accessories and furniture for bespoke home design will also play an important role. Warm, soft colours and patterns are what you are looking for here. Stripes and floral patterns will bring it all together and if you mix it up you will further increase the effect. Keep all of these things in mind to get the look that you are going for. The shabby chic style can drastically improve any home’s style and by adding even just a couple of accessories you can make a lot of headway.